Konstanz . Seerhein-Center

Konstanz key figures
Federal state: Baden-Württemberg
Population: approx. 81,000
Purchasing power: 99.4
Centrality rating: 136.2
Catchment area for project: approx. 250,000 inhabitants

In Konstanz Fokus Development AG has been commissioned with the restructuring of the Seerhein Center by Promontoria Phoenix 4 B.V. Fokus plans to adapt the centre, built in the early 80s, to meet contemporary retail requirements. This primarily involves the merging and redistribution of the current rental space, accompanied by a redesign of the mall and updating of the complete building services.

The plan is also to make practical additions to the tenant base, particularly in the area of gastronomy. In addition, the main tenant, Kaufland, plans to significantly expand its rental space to cover two trading levels. 

The goal of this project is to render the Seerhein Center even more attractive as a local supplier for the Petershausen district, expanding the already-good visitor frequency in the process.  

The total rental area of the shopping centre will comprise approximately 9,900 sqm. Construction is planned to begin in spring 2017.

Usage concept
Retail, Services, Gastronomy, Leisure, Residences, Surgeries

Promontoria Phoenix 4 B.V.

Project development / Letting
Fokus Development AG, Duisburg

msp architekten, Dortmund

Scheduled spring 2018

Contact for letting
Lars Herzer . Fon: +49 203 73996-107 . Mobil: +49 172 5485258 . l.herzer@fokus-development.de