Press release
Duisburg, 10.12.2013

The Council of the city of Duisburg decides to sell the site of the old city library to Fokus Development AG

The Council of the city of Duisburg decided during yesterday´s council meeting to sell the site of the old city library at Düsseldorfer Straβe to Fokus Development AG. Axel Funke, CEO Fokus Development AG: “That´s fantastic news – for us and for the city. Together with the Volksbank Rhein-Ruhr we will recreate and revive this area of the inner city of Duisburg.” The minimum purchase price was set at Euro 5.6 mio. The development will contain offices and retail space. The anchor tenant for the 7.000 sqm retail space will be a fashion retailer. The office space will be approx. 500 sqm. Also Fokus Development will move its office to the new premises. Currently the company is situated in Wasserviertel in Duisburg. The total investment for the development will be approx. Euro 27 mio. Start of construction is scheduled for early 2015.

Simultaneous to the development the Volksbank Rhein-Ruhr is going to redesign its head office opposite the development site. Additionally it is expected that the area Düsseldorfer Straβe / Börsenstraβe will be recreated to attract a stronger flow of shoppers into this area away from Königstraβe which is currently the inner city east – west connection. “A stimulation of the walkway parallel to Königstraβe would be an enhancement for Duisburg inner city,” said Axel Funke.